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Eastwood Homes is a fully integrated and internally managed real estate investment and development company focused on the acquisition, development, construction and management of boutique luxury rental communities in Gainesville, FL.

Our primary business strategy is to acquire, develop, lease and manage residential communities for rental income and long-term capital appreciation. Our principal objective is to generate attractive returns over the long-term, primarily through distributions and secondarily through capital appreciation. With a vertically integrated real estate acquisition, development and management platform we are well-positioned to execute our strategy.

Investor Portal

The Investor Portal gives you the ability to access current and historical Investor Reports and download these reports any time in PDF format. This gives you 24/7 access to your Investor Reports.

Follow these steps to access the Investor Portal:

1. Click the "Log In" button below or open an internet browser and go to: https://eastwoodhomes.appfolio.com/portal
2. Enter your email address and click "Send Access Email"
(NOTE: the email address you enter must be the same email address we have on file for you).
3. Go to your email program and click the link in the email you receive from us

When you click the link, you'll be signed into your secure Investor Portal and have access to your reports.

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